The game of bingo has grown immensely since it was brought online. That has created a lot of competition between online bingo sites. They constantly have to innovate in order to attract new players to their page. One of the things online sites have come up with cheap bingo games and penny bingo cards.


The Penny Bingo Cards

You can find the penny bingo cards in a lot of the online casinos now. As the name indicates the cards only cost you a single penny. These kinds of offers might be permanent or simply a promotional feature. You can also find sites that offer these kinds of cards at specific times or only in specific rooms. Other sites offer other cheap cards that are actually more common than the penny bingo cards. Those cheap cards might cost five or ten pennies.

What are the Advantages of Playing with These Cards?

There are quite a few. The most obvious one is that you simply have bigger chances of winning if you can afford to buy more cards. Someone spending one pound per card might run low on money soon. All the monetary prizes as well as other prizes and bonuses still apply on most sites with these cards. Some pages might have restrictions for how much you can win depending on the cost of the card but most do not.

The Rooms that Offer Penny Bingo Games

The penny bingo games and cards are more likely to be found on UK bingo sites. The US ones will offer cheap tickets but most likely not this cheap. Always check which currency the site uses and figure out the best cost for cards and the best bonuses. There are plenty of those around and doing a little homework might pay of very well considering how high the bingo jackpots can go.

Penny bingo cards are a great choice for folks that either have no interest in spending real money or don’t have much to spend.
Wherever you are playing make sure the site is credible to avoid any potential scams. Find the ratings and reviews section on each site and read through them. Also read the general rules for the site you are playing on. Some pages pay out prizes on specific dates or times. Others might make you wait until you have won a certain amount before transferring the winnings.

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Gary Beal