Once Bingo was moved online the number of sites that offer the game hit the ceiling. This created immense competition between the site for both already existing players and for new players as well. The sites soon understood that drawing people in with different bonuses was an excellent business strategy. This article explains what the most typical bonuses are and perhaps you can find yourself a favourite.

bingo bonuses

#1 – The Sign-Up Bonus

This one is most likely the most popular one around. Mainly these bonuses mean that the players get a set number of money or credit to be playing on the site. How much you get is largely dependent on which site you happen to be on. Feel free to look around the web for the best sign-up bonuses. On occasion you may find incredibly good deals.

#2 – The Deposit Match Bonus

As the name indicates the deposit match bonus will match your initial deposit. Some sites offer 25% matches, others 50%, some 75% and a few go for a full 100%. With this bonus you should also look around the web to figure out which places offer the best matches. Also pay attention to the rules – some sites may want you to participate in a set number of games or you must bet a specific amount to be eligible for this bonus. Always check the rules on every site.

#3 – The Free Ticket Bonus

Also known as the free card bonus, the free ticket bonus is used very often. Tons of sites offer you free tickets for nothing else other than signing up. The best thing about this bonus is that you qualify for each and every one of the prizes! This is wonderful for the type of player that doesn’t want to spend their money playing. All they have to do is find a site with this bonus.

Rules Involving Bonuses

As we mentioned already – it is always important to read the rules on every site. They all have an age limit of course but most of them also have rules for exactly when they release the bonuses. It may be that the bonuses are released at a specific time. It could be that the bonus has to reach a certain level(in the games with progressive jackpots), with the free ticket bonuses it may be that you need to buy a certain number of cards first. Before you engage anywhere – always read the rules first.

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Gary Beal