Since bingo was brought online the games’ popularity has grown immensely. Bingo has become the most played online game around. Nowadays all you need to access the game is any device with internet on it. The most common devices used are pc’s and mobile phones. It doesn’t even take downloading any new software to be able to play. Even though the game is widely known there are still strange myth revolving around it. Some of these tales might put some players off. We have put together an article detailing some of those myths and what the explanations for those could be.


You Always Play Against a Computer

It is the most common assumption that whenever you are playing bingo online you are not playing with real people. That is not true. The sites offering bingo understand that most people do not like to play against robots so they offer you a chance to play against other players. To understand whether or not you are playing with a computer just check the chat section on your page. Have a quick conversation with someone and see for yourself how this myth is not true.

Playing Online is not Safe

This is also untrue. Online pages have a lot of traffic and should they slip because of a faulty security system their reputation is ruined. The sites have taken many steps to make sure that players personal info is very well secured. A bingo website will not even get a license before external parties have not approved of their safety measures so you can be sure that the websites are taking this seriously.
You could also look at it from this angle – would there be so many people playing the game online if it were not safe?

Playing Bingo Costs Tons of Money

In general this myth is untrue. It is possible to find quite a few sites that will offer you very cheap bingo cards. For example in the UK there are the penny bingo cards that cost you – you guessed it – a single penny. The US sites don’t have anything that cheap but they are not too far off. Some pages might offer free cards as a gift for signing up or free cards as bonuses when you have won something. Now there could be a little truth to bingo ending up being expensive for some people. That has to do with gambling addiction. There are not too many people prone to it but one should always be a little bit too careful. If you start feeling like you have issues controlling your behaviour around gaming you need to get help before it gets serious.

These are a few of the most typical myth you can hear that surround bingo.

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Gary Beal