Bingo has been hugely popular for a very long time. Since it was brought online its popularity has grown even more because the online space allows constant innovation of the game as well as the bonuses and prizes it offers. Folks playing the game offline have also taken an interest in diversifying bingo to keep it interesting and in this article we introduce three of what we consider to be the most inventive ones.

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The Drag Queen Version

This way of playing is definitely only for the very outgoing and brave. People dress up as the opposite sex, as stereotypically as they can. One party calls out the numbers and the other marks off the numbers. It isn’t only dressing up as a drag queen that makes this game very bold, it is also the prizes. They are usually made as sexually implicit as possible just to add to the fun of things. Understandably this version is in no way suitable for children.

The People Bingo Version

This variation is widely popular in large companies and groups as it works very well with breaking ice between new people. It is played at company parties or as special bonding events in order to help people work better in a group. Each group needs bingo cards and pens. The cards have a list of all kinds of traits written on the back and players must walk around the room and find people with these specific traits. When they do, they have a small conversation with them and mark the trait off. The traits can be anything from who took ballet lessons to who knows how to juggle. The first person to mark off all traits on the card is the winner.

The Veggie Bingo Version

This great version hails from Chicago, US. Veggie bingo was started as a way to bring more awareness of the importance of supporting your local produce and local businesses. The game is basically played as regular bingo only it is played both indoors and outdoors with a focus on great food. The meals and also the prizes are put up by the local farmers and businesses. Veggie bingo is a great example of people coming together to support their local communities.

There are other fun ideas on how the play the game and you can always come up with your own unique bingo version and share it with others through the web.

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Gary Beal