There are many little things that make the game of bingo what it is. One of the most important bits is the bingo calling. Bingo calling may sound like it is an easy job to do but it definitely is not so. Bingo callers are selected very carefully because they must have several specific qualities. For example they have got to be able to memorize all the world famous call lines for each and every number. They must also have an excellent voice that can reach to every corner of the bingo hall. Nowadays even the online bingo sites cannot do without bingo calls. That is the significance of bingo calling.

Internet Bingo

There are bingo calls that are quite easy to understand. For example there is the “half-a-dozen” call which clearly means the number six. Or the “top-of-the-shop” call which marks the highest number in the game – number ninety. Some calls have been made to describe the numbers. For example there is the “two-little-ducks” call that represents the number twenty two and the “legs-eleven” which is eleven.
Plenty of calls can be phrases and names that are made to rhyme with the chosen number. For example “know-at-the-door” clearly is twenty four.
There are also calls that are very clever. “Gandhi’s-breakfast” for example is for the number eighty. The explanation for it is an overhead image of a crossed legged man towering over a plate which is symbolic of Gandhi because he fasted often.

There are many calls that have been used for a very long time and people are forgetting where they came from.
Since the game is seen as having originated from Great Britain, plenty of the calls are thought to be associated with its local culture.
There are bingo calls that refer to old currency. The number seventy six is called “was-she-worth-it”. It refers to a marriage license that in the olden days cost 7/6 pennies.

Live bingo tournaments are a huge favourite in bingo halls. People like to get together with other bingo enthusiasts and have fun. Bingo calls add a lot to the atmosphere because they are interactive with the crowd. A caller will call out a number like fifty three “here-comes-Herbie” which represents a TV race car, the crowd will yell back “beep-beep!”. Or the number seventy six (was-she-worth-it)
will get a response “every-penny!”

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Gary Beal