The number of folks engaging in the game of bingo has reached record high numbers in the recent years. All of that is owed to the advancements in technology. The game can now be played literally everywhere one has internet. Just log online and find page to register on.
Online gaming has many advantages over playing at a local hall. There are many sites competing for the attention of new players which has lead to awesome sign-up bonuses and more versions of the game being created to keep things interesting. Online folks can choose between many different version of the game, while at a bingo lounge organisers make this decision.
We have made a small introduction of the most commonly played online bingo versions.  Online Bingo

The Eighty-Ball

This variation is the newest one you can find and it was made specifically for offering more variety online. It is quite probable that this type has not reached land based bingo lounges yet. The number of balls the game uses is not the only thing that differentiates it from other versions. It is also the design of the card. The cards have a four by four grid with no empty squares. The grids all have different colours to help players find the numbers more easily. It is possible that the Eighty-Ball game inspired a new pattern that is now called the corner pattern.

The Ninety-Ball

This is the great favourite in the UK and Australia. Ninety balls are used in the game. The cards in Ninety-Ball have three horizontal lines plus nine columns. The max number you can have on a single card is fifteen. Each line has five. The numbers run from top to bottom from one to ten, eleven to twenty and so on until the last number which is ninety.

The Seventy-Five Ball

This is the big favourite up in Canada and the US. It is also a very popular game in land based lounges in that region. With this variation lots of patterns are possible which is the biggest reason why it is so widely played. What makes this type different from others is that the cards have a five by five grid and there is an empty square in the middle. Since it is a popular game at live tournaments there is a bingo caller that will call out all numbers for you and you must mark off the numbers you have. The game end once someone calls out the magic word – BINGO.

These versions are all widely available on online bingo sites. There are many sites out there competing for new players’ attention so look around the web for the best possible bonuses you can find for simply signing up.

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Gary Beal