If you are new to playing bingo on the web then you most likely have a ton of questions starting from how much money are you likely to spend and ending with do you always play against a computer or do you have the option of playing with other people. This article is a summary of the most frequently asked questions about bingo.


Question 1 – Is there an age requirement?

Answer: Every legitimate site complies with the local laws – you can find an age requirement in place for gambling everywhere. How old do you have to be can vary greatly from one site to the next. The lower end is sixteen years of age and the higher around twenty five.

Question 2 – How to tell if I’m playing on a safe site?

Answer: All sites offering bingo need to be approved by a third party, therefore every legitimate site has proper licensing and it is posted on the web.

Question 3 – How to transfer money to bingo sites?

Answer: There are plenty of options you can choose from that are very safe. You can use the completely reliable bank transfers, use the specially created E-Wallets option, PayPal services and also credit cards like MasterCard and Visa.

Question 4 – How much is it possible to win?

Answer: Prizes can also greatly vary from one site to the next. Also – the prizes aren’t always money. They can be free credit, free trips, free cards, bikes, gift cards and even cars. Note that you qualify for all winning even if you are playing with free credit or with free cards.

Question 5 – How much do cards cost?

Answer: This is also very different from one site to the next. In general they are quite cheap. In the United Kingdom for example you can score cards for a single penny. There are also really awesome sign-up bonuses so basically it is really possible to play the game without spending much at all.

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Gary Beal