Accessing the bingo game has gotten so much easier since it was moved online. All you need in order to play the game is a device with an Internet connection. So how come there are still so many folks taking the trip down to their local bingo hall? The answer for some would probably be that it is such a fun way to spend time with friends. Others might be interested in meeting new people through the game. Whatever it is the game brings together many different types of people and we have put together a small article describing a few of the most typical ones.


The Buddy

A very warm and friendly type that you click with right away. Someone that you will want to partner up with for team tournaments.

The Very Happy Person

This type of an individual can always be found wherever the most action is taking place. They are super energetic and bubbly. Always running around with a broad smile on their face, joking with players and teasing them a little bit. They like to take part in many games.

The Local Guy/Girl

You will always find people that live near the hall and have been visiting the same place for decades. They like to welcome newcomers and offer them any help they might need. They know everything about the place and the rules, so they are the perfect person to ask advice from.

The Loner Type

The person that looks like they are sulking in the corner. They don’t show too much interest in other people. They are there to play the game and not make friends. You will most likely find them sitting around on their own. They could just be a serious person with poor people skills or someone who just generally doesn’t like to interact with others.

The Competitive Type

This person has an athletes mindset. They want to win every game they participate in and they participate in all of them. You will find their name on every tournament list always going out for the jackpot. Sometimes it is fun to play with this kind of a person just to get some competition going but it might end up being tiresome. They are perhaps a little too serious about the game. They could easily brag for days about some tournament win and it can get annoying.

Playing bingo at halls is fun for getting together with friends or just hanging out with new people. There are always different tournaments on, lots of awesome prizes to win and new people coming through. Bingo halls may also do great charity events where all the prize money is donated to some great cause.

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Gary Beal