Bingo is one of the most popular pastime games in history and there has been a lot of research into the benefits of the game.

Mental benefits

Concentration is something that has been shown to decline when people get older. Some recent studies have shown that playing bingo helps people to sustain their attention. In bingo it is crucial not to miss a single number so people must keep their focus sometimes for hours at a time.

Bingo is also seen as improving people’s mental agility. The game requires using a lot of hand-eye coordination which is seen as helping the mind to stay alert. A researcher at Southampton University has done tests measuring people’s memory, mental speed and their ability to scan information. Her studies have found that bingo players are more accurate and faster than people who don’t play bingo.  Bingo Online

Psychological benefits

Having a satisfying social life is one of the most important things for psychological health. A great aspect of bingo is the social factor. This part is especially important to older players who have reached retirement and may also live alone. Getting to socialize at a local bingo lounge or a hall helps them to maintain their relationships with their friends and also create new ones.

Monetary benefits

Bingo can benefit both the individual and also the society at large. Some of the benefits overlap. It is great to play a game with the excitement of winning money for yourself. It is equally or perhaps even greater to play for a cause.
Over the years with so many people playing the game – bingo has been a very effective way to raise funds for charitable causes. The game brings a lot of people together and gives people the opportunity to give something back to their communities.

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Gary Beal