Rules for Live Bingo at Bingo Halls

Playing bingo at  local bingo halls is still a very popular activity. Especially so with the older folks but the numbers show that in the recent years younger people have started to participate in the game more and more. The people that only recently started playing may not be aware that every hall has its own rules and there are only a few universal ones. It is always a good idea to familiarize yourself with what the local rules are – no matter where you go. This article details what the most common bingo rules are. bingo halls

Rule no. 1 – There is an age requirement in every hall but what allowed age is can be very different from one country or culture to the next. In most places in the West you need to be at least 18 years of age. In some places in the world the required age can be either lower – usually 16 years of age or much higher – either 21 or even 25 years of age.

Rule no. 2 – To play in any of the games you must buy a card. What the type and price of any card is depends on where you are playing and what event happens to be on. Some events have cards on the house and others may charge extra – the latter usually means you are playing at a charity event.

Rule no. 3 – Some halls do and others don’t serve alcohol. Most halls don’t let anyone in with their own alcohol. Even if the event takes place outdoors.

Rule no. 4 – There are halls that don’t let people leave and then re-enter the hall. That rule usually applies for high stakes tournaments but is also used for keeping the scamming to the minimum.

Rule no. 5 – If you are caught trying to alter your card you will get banned right away. Some halls ban a person for life for something like this.

Rule no. 6 – Most halls require to see an ID when you want to collect your winnings and it is due to the prizes in big tournaments being very valuable.

Rule no. 7 – Live events always require a bingo caller – the person who announces all information about the game: what style is used, how much cards cost, when the game starts and what the numbers are in each game. Always pay your attention to the caller because if you have hit bingo but don’t call it out at the right time you will miss your chance to collect the prize.

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Gary Beal