Explaining Different Bingo Jackpots

With the game of bingo moving online there have been lots of new additions to it. Among other new things is the development of new types of jackpots. The jackpots one can win are the likes of coverall jackpot games, guaranteed jackpot games, snowball jackpots and progressive jackpots. Different pages offer different jackpots. We have made this article outlining the differences in bingo jackpots. Bingo Jackpots

The Guaranteed Jackpots

With these types of games players are told in advance what the jackpot is going to be. This is typical for televised bingo games. Note that if several people hit bingo at the same time they will share the amount between them. The guaranteed jackpots in televised versions can go up to pretty high numbers.

The Snowball Jackpots

Also known as the Accumulator, the Snowball Jackpot increases over time until someone wins. The winning amount depends on how many bingo cards were bought. This version can also be a part of the televised bingo games. Should there not be a winner in one particular game the jackpot grows bigger for the next time due to more cards being bought. With the Snowball jackpots it is also possible that several people win it. Then the winning sum is also shared between the lucky winners.

The Coverall Jackpots

This is very typical of 75 ball bingo games. The jackpot amount is set and with the coverall jackpots players must mark off all the numbers on their card. There is also a set number of calls that go out before the prize in the pot starts reducing to the amount the game began with.
Should you cover up all the number before the jackpot reaches the minimum again you will get a payout that is based on the number of balls that have been called. You will find a pay table in the game that details how much this specific site offers on each number of balls called out.

The Progressive Jackpots

With the progressive bingo jackpot there is a set minimum value of what can be won in a game. The number starts increasing together with the number of cards that are sold. If someone reaches bingo the progressive jackpot amount will reduce back to it’s starting level. This version of the game is very popular since the jackpot value can reach huge numbers and people get excited about the possibility of winning big.

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Gary Beal