3 Popular Bingo Jackpots

Bingo being brought online has allowed several new additions to be made in the game. There have been creations of lots of different variations and also many new bonuses, credits and jackpots. This article details three of the most popular jackpots.

Online Bingo

1. Snowball Jackpot aka the Accumulator

This jackpot increases over time until someone scores bingo. The winning amount is determined by how many cards were bought to participate in the game. The Accumulator is a very common site with televised bingo. If it occurs that there is no winner in a game the jackpot gets bigger with people buying more cards. It is possible to have several winners with this jackpot. In that case the prize money is divided between the players.

2. Coverall Jackpot

Coverall jackpots are often used in 75 ball bingo games. The maximum jackpot is set at a certain number. With these jackpots players have to mark off every number on their car. There is also a fixed number of calls that go out. If that number hits zero the amount in the pot will begin reducing. The amount of money one can win is dependant on how many calls have gone out. There is a pay table on the site that explains how much you can win at certain numbers of calls. This version is widely used online and different sites that offer it also may have a different value for maximum pay outs so if you want to go all out then surf around a bit to find the best site.

3. Progressive Jackpots

This jackpot has a set minimum that people can win. As the name suggests the jackpot will start growing along with the number of cards sold. If someone manages to hit bingo the jackpot will reduce back to its minimum level again. Progressive jackpots are very popular since the prize money can reach incredible heights and that makes the games very exciting.

You can find several other bingo jackpot versions online. There is a lot of variation with bingo on the web.

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Gary Beal