Over the years online gaming has become very popular. With the advances in Internet security people feel more comfortable playing online with real money. Here is a small guide about how to deposit money for playing Bingo online.

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#1. Bank Transfers

Depositing money through a bank transfer is completely secure and there is no worry about going into debt. Some fees are charged when making a bank transfer, but the upside is that the money in the players bingo account will be immediately available. There is a chance you have to wait between 2 to 5 days to collect your winnings but this way excludes any possibility of fraud.

You need to obtain a certain amount of information to make a transfer. The information includes the name of the online site, the adress and the account number. The best option is to transfer the money in person which allows verifying the transaction before it’s processed. The bank worker need to have information of your account so the bank can confirm that your account has sufficient funds. After that the transaction is completed and the money forwarded to the bingo site.

#2. E-Wallet Deposits

Some bingo sites only accept a specific e-wallet brand. The e-wallet is similar to a debit or credit card. Find a website that offers this option. Fill out the information to link the e-wallet account to the bingo account. Usually the only information required is the email adress and a password.

#3. Credit Card Deposits

Most players use a Visa or a Mastercard credit card for depositing funds. It is important to note that while most credit cards will be acceptable for the deposits, some have restrictions about withdrawing your winnings and funds. Some credit cards allow you to put only a certain amount of money in your account. The players in Europe have more freedom making deposits because of the fewer laws that regulate the internet gambling scene. If you have a United States based credit card, you may have to look into other options.

If you are ready to make a deposit, find a suitable site and join by filling up the account information. The information includes the card number, the CW number(the three digits placed on the back of your card), your address and perhaps some other billing information.
After choosing the amount you want to deposit, fill out the necessary information and wait for a confirmation from the website.

Don’t forget to consider the currency exchange rates if your chosen bingo site is based in a different country.

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Gary Beal