The Penny bingo cards are super cheap bingo cards that are used in the United Kingdom. The idea for them came from competing bingo sites that wanted to be more attractive for players. This article tells you a little bit about what the penny bingo cards are.

Bingo Etiquette

As the name implies the penny bingo cards only cost you a single penny. They may be offered to people as a promotional feature or they could be a permanent one. Penny bingo cards are usually offered in specific rooms in the game or they might be offered at certain times. The penny bingo cards can also be offered for free as a bonus if you buy a certain number of cards or if you have won a game.

What are the Benefits of Playing With the Penny Bingo Cards?

The biggest advantage is of course the fact that you can buy more cards if you buy cheap ones and that increases your winning chances. If you pay a pound for every card like some people do you will soon be out of money. It is useful to know that even though these cards are very cheap they still give you access to all the prizes and rewards. On every site you play bingo there are lists that show you how much and what you can win. The prizes are not always money. They could be electronics, theatre tickets, cd’s, cars and so forth.

We mentioned that these cards originate from the UK. You can also find very cheap cards on the US sites but none that are this cheap.
It is a smart idea to always check what currency is used on the site you are playing on to know how much you can win or how much you are actually paying for the cards. You should also check out various sign-up bonuses and free credit options. Knowing your way around the online bingo space might mean that you can go for big prizes and spend almost no money in the process.

Should you decide to engage with the penny bingo cards for real money you need to make sure you are playing on a credible site. Check if the site you are on has proper licensing and read the comments and ratings section on each site.

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Gary Beal