Nowadays you can find a ton of people playing bingo online. There are many upsides to playing on the web instead of a land based bingo lounge. For instance players who like to engage in the game online can choose the time they want to play as well as the location where they play and even the type of game they want to play. Also there are so many competing bingo sites out there that it is pretty easy to find great deals and bonuses that add to the fun of bingo.

There are many different online bingo versions out there. What is favoured in one part of the world may very well differ from what is favoured somewhere else. In this article we have selected three of the most popular online bingo versions and put together a small introduction of each.

online bingo


You will find that the seventy five ball bingo is the most commonly played on in North America. It is also a heavy favourite in that part of the world in land based lounges. You have probably noticed the cards used for this game. They have a five by five grid and the center space is left empty. In both online and offline there will be a bingo announcer calling out numbers starting from number one and ending with seventy five. Once someone hits bingo and also calls it out(a very crucial point) the game ends. The winning patterns for seventy five ball bingo are quite flexible which keeps the game interesting for regular players.


This type is a crowd favourite in the United Kingdom and Australia. As the name already lets on this game is played with ninety bingo balls.
And the cards for this game should also already be familiar to you. They have three horizontal lines and nine columns. There is a pre set number of bingo numbers on each of the cards and that is set on fifteen. All three lines will have five numbers on them. The winning numbers run in columns starting from number one and ending with ninety.


This version is the latest bingo sites have come up with. The purpose was to create more variety for players online. It is probable that this version has not reached land based lounges just yet. Again, the name tells us how many balls are in this game. The bingo card for eighty ball has a four by four grid and it has no empty spaces. You will find that the columns are differently coloured in order to help players find the numbers better. It is rumoured that this is the version out of which the Corner Patter was born. It may as well be.

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