People who are just beginning playing bingo online usually have a ton of questions about how everything works. Like how much money are they likely to spend, how to move money around online, when do the sites make payments and so forth. We have put together this article detailing the most frequently asked questions about online bingo.


Question 1: Do I need to be 18 to play online bingo?

Answer: In most countries yes you do. Usually it is a must to be at least 18 years of age. In some parts of the world the age limit is either lowered to 16 or raised up to 21. In some parts of the globe gambling is entirely forbidden so don’t engage or you might get into trouble.

Question 2: How to transfer money for bingo sites?

Answer: There are several very reliable methods. You can use simple bank transfers, paypal services, credit cards like Mastercard and Visa and also specific E-Wallets. You will find info on transferring money on every bingo site and every site offering these services. These listed methods have also been proven to be very safe.

Question 3: How do I know if the site I’m playing on is legitimate?

Answer: All legitimate bingo sites will receive licensing from third parties once they have been properly reviewed. The info about the license is posted on the site if they have it.

Question 4: Can I play the game from my cell or tab?

Answer: These days you can. If you are playing on a pc you don’t need any additional software to download. With playing on the phone on tab you need to download the app. It is a simple process.

Question 5: How much can I win with the games?

Answer: First of all, remember that you must be playing in the paid version in order to be eligible for receiving pay outs. Ohter than that some sites do offer outstanding rewards and if luck is on your side you can definitely win big.

Question 6: How much do bingo cards cost?

Answer: Depends on which site you are playing. Overall it is possible to play the game free for a while if you use sites that offer free cards for signing up. You can still win prizes even if you play with free cards. In general the cards are quite cheap. For example in the UK the most popular bingo cards are penny-bingo-cards that just cost you a penny.

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Gary Beal