After bingo moved online tons of websites offering it were created. That made for a lot of competition between them for players. Both existing players and new players. The pages soon realized that offering different bonuses is a great way to attract people. In this article we have a look at what are the most common bonuses bingo sites offer.

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The Sign-Up Bonus

These may be the most used and most popular bonuses. Mostly these bonuses mean players receive a certain amount of money or credit and the value of these may vary greatly from site to site. To get the best deal don’t stop at the first site you find but do a little research.

The Deposit Match Bonus

The deposit match bonuses are also very popular and they have several versions. There are sites that will give you a third of the initial deposit you make. Other places may give you fifty percent or seventy five percent. It is a bit rare but it does happen – some sites even offer you a hundred percent deposit match bonus. We recommend again that you surf around the web to find the best possible place to play. There may be some rules you need to know. Sites may require you to participate in a set number of games to have access to your bonus or may require you make a deposit of a certain amount. Some places may want you to buy a certain number of cards. Always read the rules on every site.

The Free Ticket Bonus

Also a very common sight on bingo pages. Typically there are specific rooms where these cards are offered. Lots of sites offer free ticked prizes for signing up and also when you win in the game. You are still eligible for all prizes even if you are playing with free cards. This bonus is great for those who have no interest in spending any money online. You can go from site to site and just use these tickets.


You will find that most of the bingo sites have rules around if and when they release their bonuses. One thing they all have is an age limit. These rules are created to keep players returning to the site and engaging in more games. It’s a marketing trick.
There are sites that release your bonus if it reaches a certain amount. Kind of like in the progressive jackpots in some slot games. Other sites release bonuses at a specific time. There are places that release a bonus if players have bought a specific number of cards first. And the list goes on. Before you start playing anywhere make sure you read the rules to avoind any misunderstandings.

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