Online gaming has gained tons of popularity over the years. The comfort factor probably playes the biggest role. It is no longer necessary to organize your schedule around getting to live tournaments or fight the weather there. The game can be easily accessed and played online on many different websites with many different devices like: your lap top, cell phone or tablet.
People playing online bingo have the choice between three different bingo versions. They are named 75-ball bingo, 80-ball bingo and 90-ball bingo.


Eighty-ball bingo

This is the freshest style of online bingo. The idea for the game came from online bingo sites so the game has not even been played in land based bingo lounges. What makes the game different from others is how the card is designed. It has a four by four grid and there are no empty spaces left. The columns are also differently coloured in order to help the player find their number faster. The newness of this style created a new bingo pattern called the corner pattern.

Seventy-five-ball bingo

The biggest number of players of the 75-ball bingo come from Canada and United States. The cards for this game have a five by five grid and the middle square is kept empty. Numbers will be called starting from one and ending with seventy until someone hits the winning pattern. Those differ from game to game and players need to keep up with which one is coming next. Typical patterns for 75-ball bingo consist of diagonal or horizontal lines and shapes of different kinds of letters.

Ninety-ball bingo

The absolute favourite style in Great Britain and Australia. As the name indicates, the game is played with ninety balls. Players can find three horizontal lines combined with nine columns on their cards. Each line has five numbers on them and the total of numbers on a singe card is fifteen. The numbers run from one to ten on the first column. On the second column they run from eleven to twenty and this continues on other cards until the ninth column which has numbers from eighty one to ninety.

All of these bingo styles are widely available on most casinos offering bingo games online. Also look around for websites that offer the best possible sing-up bonuses and always make sure the site you are playing on has a good reputation.

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Gary Beal