Bingo is a very popular game all over the globe. The games’ popularity has grown even more since it has moved online. Nowadays people can choose whether they want to play at home by their computer or engage with friends at the closest bingo lounge. The last option is great for folks who want to socialise of perhaps happen to be young enough to only have played the game online and are now interested in trying it out at live events. It is useful to know what the local rules are for whichever bingo lounge you want to play at. We have made a small list detailing the most common and important rules out there.


To participate in the game you need to buy at least one bingo card. The prices and the types of the bingo cards are different depending on where you are playing. The most popular cards are the seventy five ball card, eighty ball card and ninety ball card. The majority of the cards use a five by five grid type. Some halls use other variation to keep the game interesting for long time players. The columns of the cards make up the games name – BINGO. Typically you will find twenty four digits on a card and they are made up of totally random numbers from one to either seventy five, eighty or ninety. That of course depends on the card the particular game uses.

Every live event has a bingo caller. Bingo callers inform people about the rules, the prizes and how to attain them. Their job also includes selecting the balls from the ball machine and announcing them to the room. If you have a number that has been called out you must mark it off. The first person to mark off all the numbers on their card is the winner.

Some other rules to keep in mind:

*Most of the bingo lounges require their players to be at least 18 years of age.
*There are lounges that do not serve any alcohol.
*Altering the bingo card in any way is strictly forbidden. All cheaters will be banned and some lounges will ban people for life.
*If you have marked off all the required numbers for winning you must yell out “BINGO!” right away or someone else wins.
*You might need an ID to claim your winnings at the lounge since some bingo jackpots are quite big
*Some lounges might not allow players to leave and re-enter the lounge during tournaments or high-stakes games.

These make up the most common rules in bingo lounges. Get acquainted with all of them at any lounge you want to play at to avoid potential problems.

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Gary Beal