People who are new to online bingo usually have questions about if it is safe, how much money does it take, how to transfer funds online, etc. We have produced this article detailing the most frequently asked questions.

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Question: Do I have to spend money to join a bingo page?

Answer: Most sites allow signing up free of charge. If you come across a site that wants you to pay for membership then pick a new one. There are plenty of great sites that do not have a membership fee.

Question: How to tell if the bingo games are legitimate?

Answer: All bingo sites must be certified by a third body and use a random number generator(RNG).

Question: Are online bingo sites safe?

Answer: In general bingo sites are safe. You may come across shady pages but those usually stay online only for a brief time before they are removed. Look for information on review pages or find the ratings section on each page and determine if the page is credible.

Question: How much do bingo cards cost?

Answer: The cost of cards can vary. You can find sites where the cards are free of charge. There can be very cheap cards, for example in the UK there are penny-bingo-cards. Some pages require you to buy a certain number of cards and after that cards are free. Bingo sites may also offer free cards as bonuses.

Question: Can I win serious money with playing bingo?

Answer: Depends on where you are playing at. There can be incredible prizes in some places when you win.

Question: Can I access the game through my mobile phone?

Answer: Yes. Plenty of sites now offer bingo applications for downloading and you can play the game with your mobile phone or tablet.

Question: Do players need to be of certain age to play?

Answer: In most countries it is required that the player is at least 18 years of age to gamble. There may be some places where the age limit is lowered, but there aren’t many. In some countries gambling may be completely illegal and if you do not want to get into trouble you shouldn’t play.

Question: How do I make payments online?

Answer: There are several options depending on which site you are interested in playing bingo on. Some pages only accept Bank Transfers. Others may accept PayPal or major credit cards (e.g. MasterCard and Visa). The easiest way to figure out what the site requires is reading the rules section on each page.

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Gary Beal