Bingo is without a doubt one of the most popular games in the world. Bringing the game online has brought a lot of variety to it starting from where and how bingo can be played, what the amazing sign-up bonuses are, which versions can be played and what kind of prizes it is possible to win. This article focuses on the most popular bingo jackpots. We explain what are the coverall, snowball, progressive and guaranteed bingo jackpots.


The Guaranteed Bingo Jackpot

With these jackpots players are aware of how much they can win. It is announced before the game. The Guaranteed Jackpots are widely used in televised bingo games. There is also a lot of variety in the TV versions of bingo which makes it very attractive to people. Probably the most popular bingo game on TV is the one where the face of a famous person is covered with a bingo card. The machine will pull bingo numbers out which will turn around a square on the card. Each player has the chance to guess who the famous person is and if they guess correctly another card appears. With this jackpot there can be several winners and the winning amount is then divided among the winners.
The sums that can be won in these games are quite big.

The Snowball Bingo Jackpot

This jackpot has another name – the Accumulator and in this variation the jackpot will grow until one person scores bingo. The amount that players can win depend on how many bingo cards have been bought by the start of the game. The Snowball Jackpot is also very popular on TV and the winning amount can also be quite large.

The Coverall Bingo Jackpot

The Coverall is most widely used in seventy-five ball bingo games. The winning amount is set and all that is left for players to do is mark off the numbers on their card. This jackpot also has a set number of bingo numbers that are called out before the jackpot begins decreasing. If a player scores bingo before the jackpot has rolled down to the minimum they will get a winning amount that is based on the number of bingo balls already called out. The sites that offer this very popular bingo version have a list of the amount players can win at any number of bingo balls called out.

The Progressive Bingo Jackpots

These also very popular bingo jackpots have a fixed minimum prize that players can win. With the Progressive Jackpot the amount will also grow depending on how many bingo cards people buy. If a person scores bingo the jackpot will be lowered to the minimum again and start climbing from there.

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Gary Beal