Penny bingo cards are used in the United Kingdom where you can find over 4 million bingo players. As you can tell by the name – the card only costs a single penny. The idea grew out of different bingo sites competing with each other that wanted to attract more players. This article details what exactly are bingo cards.

Penny bingo cards can be offered as permanent or just as promotional features. Typically they are offered in special rooms on bingo sites of only at specific times. They can also be offered as bonuses when you’ve won a game or bought a certain number of cards. Online Offline Bingo

What are the benefits of playing with these cards?

The most obvious benefit is getting to buy many more cards meaning your winning chances are simply greater. Paying a pound for each card would make you run out of money very fast. Note that even if you get these cards as a bonus you can still qualify for for all prizes. The prizes aren’t always money, they can be bikes, cars, tvs, phones, even cruises.

As we mentioned already these specific cards only exist in the United Kingdom but very cheap ones can also be found in the US. Always check the currency rate if you’re playing on a site that’s located outside your country. You should also pay attention to what the sign-up bonuses and free credit options are. You may score on some great deals like this

If you play bingo or any other game online for real money you should always focus on being safe. Every credible site has been approved by a third party and has proper licensing. Check every site you use for it.

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Gary Beal