These days there are a lot of people playing the game of bingo online. There are many awesome aspects to playing the game online over playing in a land based bingo hall. For example websites always competing for new members offer several awesome bonuses. Also playing online allows players to choose which type of bingo they want to play, while in land based halls the decision is up to the organizers.
Here we have put together a small list introducing the most played online bingo versions.            jc

Ninety-ball bingo

This is a very well known game in Australia and Great Britain. As the name lets on there are ninety balls in this version. The bingo cards for this particular game will have three lines that are horizontal and nine columns. The total number on a players card is fifteen and each of the three lines will hold five numbers. On the first column the potential winning numbers run from number one to number ten. The second will have numbers running from eleven up to twenty and this patter will continue until the very last column that will have numbers running from eighty up to ninety.


Eighty-ball bingo

Eighty-ball bingo is the newest version on the block. It was created by online bingo sites for more variation being available online. It is very likely this game has not been played in any land based bingo halls. Other than the number of balls the game is played with what makes Eighty-ball bingo different from other versions is the design of the card. The card comes with a four by four grid with no spaces left empty. In order to enable players finding numbers more easily the columns are coloured differently. This version is said to have created a whole new bingo pattern and it is named the corner pattern.

Seventy-five ball bingo

This version is by far the most favoured one in the United States and in Canada. This style is also used a lot in land based bingo halls around that part of the world. The cards for Seventy-five ball bingo come with a five by five grid where the very middle square has been left empty. A bingo called will be calling out numbers from one up to seventy. The game ends as soon as someone yells out BINGO. The winning patterns are different every game and keep people excited about what could be next. The most used patterns for this type of bingo are horizontal and diagonal lines and they can be shapes of different letters of the alphabet.

You can find all of these bingo games online very easily. Keep in mind that a lot of websites offering bingo also offer great sign-up bonuses that can come in the form of deposit match bonuses or free ticket bonuses. Search around the web until you come about a good deal. Also always remember to check that you are playing on a credible website.

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Gary Beal