Online bingo players have the option of choosing between two types of bingo. What makes the games different is the number of the balls in the game and also the style of the play. Some rules are the same, like the numbers that the announcer calls out come from the bingo balls that have different numbers and are drawn completely randomly.


The two different bingo types available are the 90 ball bingo, which is most commonly played in the UK and the 75 ball bingo which is more typical in North America.

The 90 ball bingo originates from the Great Britain and is playes on a 9×3 card. The card has nine columns and three horizontal lines. Every horizontal line has 5 numbers on it and therefore the card consists of 15 numbers. And as the name suggests it is played with 90 balls. Most bingo websites in the United Kingdom offer this as the standard game. Each column contains random numbers. The first starting from 1-10, the second from 11-20 and so on.

The US version of bingo is played with a 5×5 card and the center square is normally left blank. This game is played with 75 balls. Winning in this game requires the bingo game’s pattern to be marked off.

Online bingo now offers features that make the game easier. One of these features is the auto-play. Auto-play automatically marks off the numbers on your card. This gives players the opportunity to do other things while still bein up for earning some money.

Shop around the web for the best bingo sites before you start playing. There are many awesome promotional offers out there. Most likely they will require registering and with that you will get free cards.

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Gary Beal