The standard version of bingo has been around for a very long time. New versions started to emerge as soon as the game moved into the online platform – it allows more innovation in the both the game and also in the prizes it offers. People engaging in the game in the offline space have also shown interest in mixing things up a bit to keep the excitement level up. This article introduces a couple of them.

Bingo Players

The People Bingo

This version of bingo is hugely popular with big companies and works great in a group setting as it is a great method for breaking ice between people. People Bingo is often played at company parties or at specific events put up for bonding to help make people work better in a group. There needs to be a minimum of two groups. Each group need a bingo card per every person and the same with pens. The cards will have several traits written on the back and each player must find others someone with these traits. If they do, they have a small conversation and move on to find someone else. These traits can be anything from having taken ballet lessons to knowing how to shoot from an air gun. Just like in bingo where you must mark of all the numbers, here you must mark off all the traits before anyone else and you’re the winner!

Drag Queen Bingo

Drag Queen Bingo can be quite a challenge for some folks. It is definitely meant for the more outgoing kind. In this version people must dress up as the opposite sex and do that as stereotypically as they possibly can. Guys and girls form their own groups and one of them will be calling out numbers while the other marks them off. Not only is the dressing up part very unusual – so are the prizes. Typically they must be sexually implicit and meant to add to the already crazy atmosphere. It is understood that this version is not meant for kids.

Veggie Bingo

This wonderful bingo version hails from Chicago, United States where it was created as a way to bring awareness of how important it is to support your local businesses and local produce. It is played basically the same way as the standard way of bingo but it can be played both indoors and outdoors. There also is a focus on great food. Both the food and the prizes come from the local businesses and farmers making it a great way for them to advertise and engage in community activities.

You can find many more exciting and interesting versions of bingo if you look around the web. In the meantime – why not try these three awesome versions.

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Gary Beal