Even though online bingo has become very standard these days there are still people out there who aren’t sure about it. Some people might be put off because they have developed misconceptions after hearing myths surrounding the game. We have made this article debunking three of the most common myths surrounding online bingo.

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Playing Online Means Playing Against a Computer

This is a very typical opinion but it is mostly untrue. Bingo sites are aware of people’s perception of the game as a highly social activity so they have created rooms where players go against each other. On some pages you can choose to play against a computer if you want to.
To determine whether or not you are playing against a robot go to the chatroom on the page. Try having a conversation with another user and see if they respont.

Playing Bingo Online is Not Safe

Another untrue conclusion. There have been safety concerns about everything online in the past but these days things have greatly improved.
Think about it. If playing online was so unsafe – how could there be so many people playing? Every credible bingo page has a security policy. They do not even get licensed unless they prove to external parties that they have proper safety measures in place. No site wants to be known for being open for scammers.

Playing Bingo Online Will Cost a Lot of Money

This is also mostly untrue. Players just need to be smart about where they play. In the UK bingo sites you can find bingo cards that do not cost you more than a single penny. Plus signing up to a bingo page might get you free cards, free credit or deposit match bonuses. It is useful to look around the web for the best options possible. Since there are so many sites offering the game and therefore competing with each other you can play the game for virtually nothing while still qualifying for great prizes.
However, there are some people among us who might be prone to gambling addiction. For these people playing the game might turn expensive if they are not careful. There is a link on the bottom of the page detailing where one might get help if they or someone they care about has a problem.

These are a few of the myths surrounding bingo.

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Gary Beal