Bingo being brought online has meant tons of new features and developments to the game. A big change has been the progression of jackpots and that is due to the online sites wanting to offer their players variety. Playing the game online you can win a coverall jackpot game, snowball jackpot game, progressive and guaranteed jackpot game. Most of these versions have grown to be so popular they are televised around the world. This article details what exactly are these previously mentioned jackpots.


The Snowball

The Snowball jackpot also goes by the name of the Accumulator and in this version the jackpot grows until someone hits bingo. The overall winning amount is dependant on how many cards have been bought. The Accumulator or the Snowball is popular in television bingo since the jackpot numbers can get very big.

Guaranteed Jackpot

In the Guaranteed Jackpot bingo game everyone knows in advance how much it is possible to win. This version is also very popular with TV audiences and different channels have developed fun ways to play the game. For instance in some shows The bingo card will appear on the screen and underneath the numbers is an image of a famous person. Every time a number is called out, a square on the card reveals a part of their face. Contestants in the game have to guess who it is. Should there be several winners in the Guaranteed Jackpot, then the winning amount is shared between them. Guaranteed Jackpots are also considerable in value.

Coverall Jackpot

Coverall Jackpots are common in 75 ball games. The value is pre set and the players job is to mark off every number on the card. What makes this version of bingo unique is the fact that there is also a pre set number of calls that take place and if bingo isn’t hit the initial jackpot will start decreasing. If someone marks off all the numbers prior to the jackpot hitting the minimum your pay out will be based on the number of balls already called out.

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Gary Beal