People who are new to playing bingo online might have tons of questions about how it works. Like is it safe. How much money does it cost, if any. How to transfer funds and so forth. This article offers answers to the most frequently asked questions about online bingo.

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Question: Is playing bingo online safe?

Answer: Mostly, yes they are. There are suspicious sites among the credible ones but if you learn how tell the difference you are going to be safe. On every credible site there is a ratings and comments section. Browse through them to verify if the site is good. You can also try talking to others in the chatroom and ask them about their experience with the site.

Question: How do I transfer money to bingo sites?

Answer: There are plenty of good ways. Different sites may ask for different ways of transferring money. The most used options are bank transfers, paypal or well known credit cards like Visa and Mastercard. All of these options have been used for a long time and are verified as safe.

Question: Do I need to be of specific age to participate?

Answer: Most countries in the world require players to be at least 18. In some areas the required age is lowered and in others it might be 21. You will also find that in some parts of the world gambling is entirely illegal and to stay out of trouble you shouldn’t engage.

Question: How to tell if bingo sites are legal?

Answer: Bingo sites will not be licensed without conformation from a third party and without using the random number generator. You will find info about if the site uses both of these on the website itself.

Question: Can I access the game on my phone or tablet?

Answer: Yes, you can. Most bingo sites now offer apps for downloading a variety of bingo games on both your mobile phone and your tablet.

Question: Can I win really big playing the game?

Answer: That depends on where you are playing. If you choose a quality site with great jackpots and have luck you can win a lot.

Question: How much does it cost to sign up to a bingo site?

Answer: Since there is a lot of competition between online bingo sites signing up is now mostly free. There are pages that offer you sign up bonuses and free cards right off the bat. If you come across a site that requires a membership fee you should just move on.

Question: How much does a bingo card cost?

Answer: This also depends on where you are playing. You can find free cards and also very cheap cards. For example the UK sites will offer you penny bingo cards.

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