People taking part in online bingo games can choose between 2 different variations of bingo. There are 2 things that differentiate the games. Number one is the number of balls the game is played with and number two is the game’s type. Most of the rules stay the same. For example the announcers will be calling out the same number of balls as always, none of the balls used have the same number on them and the balls are drawn from the machine in an absolutely random order.


The names of these games are the 75 ball bingo which is most played in North America and the 90 ball bingo that is more common in the United Kingdom.

The 90 ball bingo version also originates from the United Kingdom. Most websites use this format of the game in Great Britain.

90 ball bingo is played on a three by nine card. It has nine columns plus three horizontal lines. Each line that is horizontal has five numbers on it. The card therefore consists of fifteen numbers all together. As the name already implied, the game is played using ninety balls. The columns consist of unique numbers. The very first one begins from one to ten, then the second will have numbers from eleven to twenty, the third from twenty one to thirty and so on until the number ninety is reached.

The North American preferred style is played on a five by five card. The middle square of the card is usually left empty. As the name implies here as well, the game is played using seventy five balls. This game typically requires players to mark off a certain pattern. The pattern is always randomly selected and will be announced right before the start of the game.

Online bingo has been developed so far that it can now offer players different features that make the game easier to play. There is the awesomeness of the auto-play feature that simply means that when made active it will mark off the numbers on your card automatically. That will allow players the time to do other things while also staying online and having the chance of winning some money.

When you are playing bingo online with real money always make sure you have chosen a credible, reputable website. Also it is recommended you have a look around the web for great sign-up bonuses. After you have signed up most websites will probably offer you free cards.

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Gary Beal